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it? drivers in some parts of the bay area are spending just as much time sitting in traffic as drivers and loss angeles. we will tell you about the new study as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> the morning the time is
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6:00 a.m.. the top stories that we are following this tuesday, february the fed. police are investigating a hit and run crash in pittsburgh that injured four people. we will have a live report coming up. >> the boy scouts of america are holding a meeting today to consider their ban on gay members. we will give you the latest coming up. >> plus, the 49ers are back home in the bay area today. coach jim harbaugh takes a second to thank his fans. >> we do have some big changes to talk about as we look ahead. tomorrow will be sunday as the front passes through. we do have another cold front and that is going to be coming through. i will
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have a full check coming up in my next report. >> it is a pretty good ride for the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots. and this is your quick computer check. for the east we do have slowing for interstate 5830 altamont pass way. the south bay freeway still looks good and so does the peninsula. >> developing new rules, police and pittsburg are investigating a hit and run crash. it happened on the crest of you drive nearly land road last night. off to get you more news faster we will go to mike pelton who is live on the scene. >> this happened right at this crosswalk. to give you an idea of what happened. 6:00 at night if i turn
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this light off is almost pitch black. this cross what could next to this other street and as you take a look at the scene before people that were hit a woman and her three children. you can see one of them was on a stretcher. this gives you a very idea that these children are very young. this car hit all four of them. one child was airlifted to children's hospital. we also hope to get information on the suspect and a vehicle description. this cars driving through this morning, even though this is a residential street. it is very busy. >> former boy scout leaders
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and activists and delivered a petition with 1.4 million signatures to the irving, texas headquarters of the boy scouts of america, urging the organization to end its ban on gay members and leaders. one of the people delivering the petitions was eric andresen of of moraga, calif., who is a son, ryan, was an tonight and eagle scout badge at lacher because he is openly gay. scouting executives said that they were considering dropping the national ban during a three day meeting that began yesterday. on saturday, taxes and governor rick perry, an eagle scout, told reporters that he thought the band should stay. one sunday, president obama said
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on cbs that boys scouts should drop the ban, a decision is expected tomorrow. >> police are still searching for two suspects who they say brutally attacked an elderly woman born at home invasion in san jose. you are looking at a sketch of one of the suspects. they say it all started last friday night when a 75 year-old woman noticed that two men were outside tried to break into her daughter's car. the woman opened a home window and tried to scare the men away. that is when she was punched repeatedly in the face and kicked in her ribs. she suffered a fractured nose, two black eyes, and other injuries. >> later this morning we will hear from the san francisco forty-niners and their head coach jim
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harbaugh. the team came back home to the bay area yesterday afternoon. the niners will be giving interviews about the super bowl after their meeting at 9:00 a.m.. coach harbaugh is expected to speak more about the gang at his 11:00 a.m. press conference. we will carry that for you live on our 247 news at channel, which is comcast 193. the niners came home yesterday at the crowds of fans. jim harbaugh gave a brief thank- you as he drove away. >> in addition to speaking with the media one last time this season, today the team will clean out their lockers as they launch into their off season. >> the average price of gas continues to to go up both nationally and here in the bay area. the national average for february is
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expected to go over $4. we will have a live report from kron4 jackies is so coming up. >> next on kron 4 morning news. we have new video just then of a deadly home explosion in the midwest. mark has a new informational and what happened. >> plus, on what would have been a very significant day for tra \ / \ treyvon martin. te man who killed him will be back in court. we will have that live out of florida. another big story this morning is the weather. we will have that coming up.
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>> the morning. the time is 6:09 a.m. perry in livermore right now it is 47 degrees. there are looking for a high of 56 degrees. >> developing news this morning. here is live pictures out of a sanford, florida where a hearing is getting under way for george s. zimmerman. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of treyvon martin. martin would have turned 18 years old today. the trial is scheduled to start june the 10th. the defense is seeking a trial delay, but prosecutors are objecting. the shootings one year anniversary is on february the 26. >> the prosecution is
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arguing that it should go on as planned. the defense is still stating that they still need time to talk with witnesses. zero men is charged with second-degree murder >> new this morning, a another story that we are keeping our eyes on out of michigan. a possible home explosion at home about 15 minutes outside of detroit. this is in melvindale, michigan. firefighters say that a handicapped man lives in the home and was reliant on oxygen. firefighters just found his body. >> coming up at 6:15 a.m..
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kevin collins went missing back in 1984. this morning we now know prime suspect in the san francisco case. plus, it is hard to picture the bay area like this now, but we are hard to picture the bay area mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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at&t. ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ fresh at subway ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] at subway, you got breakfast made. like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. subway. eat fresh. >> welcome back. take a look
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at this!. today marks the 37th anniversary of a writer bay area snow day. it has been called the snow storm of 1976. snow blanketed the bay area on february the fifth, 37 years ago. this is video taken from our archives. you can see snow covering cars and roads. but as for today, let's check in with erica. >> this is amazing. unfortunately some people may have enjoyed this but this is definitely not the case for today is for cast. we are contending with nothing out of the ordinary. the temperatures right now are in the 40's and '50's. all locations will stay in
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the 40's and '50's. future cast 4 shows by 12:00 we will see low 60's trickle in. by 3:00 p.m. we may see low 60's for places like napa and santa rosa. here is a look at your afternoon highs. it will be a little cooler compared to yesterday. this will settle into the afternoon and the fog will start to burn off. oakland will be coming in at 58 degrees richmond will be coming in at 60. this is a very weak system and we're not seeing any moisture associated with this. thursday and friday we will be using our umbrellas. >> the kron47 day around the
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bay shows that dry weather will continue as we head into the weekend. >> we can see the approach to the bay bridge, but we are not able to hear george. >> the san mateo bridge and the ride on highway 92 past the westbound traffic on the right side of your screen looks great. it is an 11 minute commute time. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound has since moved commute coming from iran county.marin county perry e. yoo
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the south bay on 1 01 north bound is a 16 minute commute time from 85 to 237. the north bay commute 1 01 southbound is without the latest from 37 as you go to central san rafael. the total drive time is about 25 minutes. >> watching wall street. stocks took their biggest dive of the year monday. the dow fell almost 130 points to close at 13,880, the s&p 500 dropped 17 points to 1496 and the nasdaq lost 48 points. futures trading
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inched up ahead of today's opening spirit at a recent report from the department of energy rebuild americans shelled out about 4% of their income on gasoline. the u.s. government is expected to file a civil charges against the standard and poor's rating services, alleging that they improperly gave high ratings to mortgage its debts and later plunged in value and helped fuel the 2008 financial crisis. the chargers would mark the first enforcement action the government has taken against a major rating agency. >> bay area news, we are learning new details about the prime suspect in the kevin collins kidnapping. the san francisco a belgian made national headlines in 1984. dan therrien who
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b\ / win by the nickname kelly, spent the last few years of his life crippled with arthritis. a former employer told kron4, that she is surprised that the suspect ended decades old mystery. she says, that he worked from home okay easily painting a custom home furnishings and he also fix old cars. therrien also had a longtime partner who was named jack child. they were together for more than 30 years, chow is not believed to be a suspect in the collins case. >> nationals, officials say a 5 year-old boy has been safely freed after officers
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stormed an underground bunker in alabama and shot his 65 year old armed paper to death. agents rescue the child yester day from the gunmen who they say was becoming increasingly agitated. the gunmen has been identified as jimmy leedykes . authorities say that dykes took a pitchout from a crowded school bus late last month after fatally shooting the driver. the child had been held captive ever since. >> the debate on gun control is still a hot topic right now. president obama hit the road to a minneapolis calling to gun control legislation. he says that a consensus is emerging for universal background checks for gun buyers. the
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president acknowledged a tough road is ahead of them to pass a ban on assault weapons. >> the president says a ban on military-style assault weapons and a tenant round limit for magazines should be implemented. >> developing bills, government records show a tour bus that crashed and killed seven people in southern california sunday night had at least 22 safety violations, including trouble with their brakes. the bus careened out of control in the san bernadine no mountains near yucpipa. we have now learned and break issues were noted at least three of their inspections since 2011. that same tour bus was also flagged eight times for maintenance problems in the last four months. the bus was carrying a group from
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tijuana, mexico returning from a ski trip when the bus slammed into two other vehicles. five women, a man and a 30 year-old boy were killed. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news, how much time do bay area drivers been behind the wheel compared to the rest of the country? here is a hint, it is worse than new york.
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>> the time is 6:24 a.m..
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here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is 48 degrees and they will be looking for a high of 55 degrees. >> here is a live look of the bay bridge toll plaza. a new study stated that the san francisco bay area has the third most congested area and the country. this has a double. we are showing you d.c. because they were rated the worst place for traffic congestion. here is a list of the top five cities. we have a d.c. coming in at number one, loss angeles at no. 2. no. 5
6:27 am
comes in at boston. if you want to wait and at this you can join us on our face book page. by the way, the easiest major city to get around then? is raleigh, door him, n.c.. >> a u.s. appeals court rejected apple's request to fasttrack its bid for a sales ban on several samsung phones. his in its ruling, the court said a three judge panel will first consider apple's appeal, and the full appeals court would not decide whether to hear the case until after that. the ruling allows samsung to keep its products on store shelves while apple's appeal proceedings on a slower
6:28 am
pace. >> the chief executive of research in motion says that he is disappointed that the new black berry will not be released in the united states until mid march. he says that the u.s. and its phone carriers have a rigid testing system. gramm unveiled the the new phone last week. the first device in the new crop of revamped blackberries will be the touchscreen ziti in. it was released in the u.k. last thursday and will be released in canada today. >> we are waiting to hear whether not stocks will bounce back. we will have that coming up next with that report. >> we will have more on
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>> thou futures showing the dow was up 55 points. the computer is going private. it has been publicly traded company for years. this is going for about 1365 share in the dow will no longer be traded and is turning private. >> temperatures are in the '40's and low 50s are on the east bay shoreline. we will
6:32 am
see lingering clouds of to the afternoon with the highs to mid to upper 50s. it will be a chilly evening with temperatures back in the '40's. tomorrow more sunshine, a temperature still on the cool side. a full look at the forecast coming up and my next report. >> we continue to monitor to me without any hot spots of the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time has grown to 1416 minutes average commute time. that is traffic is still in the east bay on 580 and highway 4. south bay peninsula and in north bay are still very light. >> 630 a m police and pittsburg pirates up looking for a hit and run suspect injured woman and her three young children. the incident happened on cress you drive nearly lint wrote last night. two of the children were on their bikes the
6:33 am
third in a stroller. all four victims were taken to hospitals. one of the children was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. police have not yet released at the suspect description. >> boeing is that the federal aviation administration to allow test flights of the 787 dream liner while investigators were to uncover the source of the aircraft battery problems. a boeing spokesperson said it is still waiting for response from the faa. a federal probe into the electable fires have ravaged all 50 boeing 787 dream liner is around the world. u.s. regulators have not yet identified the cause of fires, but the focus is on lithium ion batteries manufactured by a japanese supplier. 58 customers around the globe have ordered 848 of the $200 million debts.
6:34 am
>> gas prices are going up. the average continues to rise nationally. jackie sissel is live in san francisco looking at some of the prices. >> unfortunately prices are going up. january was the second-highest january and recorded history as far as gas prices go. they continued to go up. the price at the chevron and san francisco is $3.95. the national average is $3.53. that is up 24¢ and the last month. that is a lot of money until you consider what we pay in california. $3.93 is up 33¢ a month, 14 in just seven days. the prices are going up, it is
6:35 am
not just your imagination. we have the second highest gas prices and the country. only hawaii beat us as far as gas prices go. in the bay area it will be a little more or less than the state average. $3.85 an oakland, $3.87 in san jose. what is causing these gas prices to go up? according to analysts it is a multitude of factors. one is because the economy is doing well as though the cost of crude oil is ouup. another thing is processes are turning over to the spring/summer blend. that means some of these production is down why they make that switched over. as we get closer to the summer blend we may continue to see prices go up. they may
6:36 am
continue go up all the way through april. >>-i knew i should fill up three days ago. >> the good news is that gas will probably be more expensive so fill up today and again be your friend. >> i have no choice, have 2 mi. left. >> the good news is today's gas prices will be cheaper than tomorrows. americans are bombing about 4% of their incomes into buying gasoline. the energy barbets is u.s. households spent an average of just over $2,900 on gasoline last year. that is eyes level and for years. the percentage rates similar levels in 2008, when a red hot global economy and panic over dueling surprising gas prices to the roof. the nationwide average price for gas of regular gas out cast
6:37 am
it $3.60 last year also a record high. >> police have released the name of the teenager and was found dead in affair filled park last week. investigators as they try to figure it figure out who killed her and why. 113 year oldgenelle cmnway's body was discovered friday morning at allen would bart. family members say the teenage girl was strangled the police and investigate a crime are not yet confirming that. investigators as saying that the victim lived with the foster family in nearby east we sun city. >> police are looking for a lot of surveillance video
6:38 am
and their investigation trying to solve this crime >> police are searching for a gunman who they say shot two women and his the with another one and an attempted robbery near san francisco state university. it happened early sunday morning near garfield and 60 streets. police say as as i pointed a gun at one of the victims and demanded her purse, a struggle ensued. that's when the suspect shot her in the neck they say and that's when the suspect shot her in the neck they say and the suspect well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it!
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>> let's talk hockey and the san jose sharks. logan
6:42 am
couture it looking for is six bowl this season and just nine games. late first period, score less the door is right out in front to poke the puck and in that and pick up his sixth goal of the year. 10 sharks. third period, tied when the wind adults with the go over antinomies left shoulder to one anaheim. final that's when to one is the sharks' first regulation laws sharks 71 and 1 >> while authorities investigate the cause of the 34 minute super bowl black out, documents show the superdome officials were worried last fall about losing power at the big game. officials warned in
6:43 am
october that pass on the domes electable feeders show decay and a chance of failure. the stadium's engineering staff also had concerns regarding the reliability of our service to the bell. city officials expressed confidence that the black out what i heard the city's hopes of hosting the championship again. >> more than 108 million people watch the super bowl, a huge number but not record-setting. the nielsen co. said sunday's game was the third most viewed program in television history. but the 2010 and 2011 games had the a lot 111 million mark. the aba leadership in general decline this year. with relief as, this year's game did become the fourth super bowl to record more than 100 million viewers. it's after the blackout that things got fine. >> financial expert rob
6:44 am
black will be joining us on sasaet coming up in just two minutes.
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6:45 a.m. and police in pittsburgh are searching for a hit-and-run driver who entered a woman and her three young children. it happens across the drive nearly linde wrote last night. two of the children were on their bikes and the third was in a stroller. all four victims were taken to hospitals. the boy scouts of america are considering lifting their national ban of gay members. a three day meeting began yesterday. the organization says the decision will be likely tomorrow. former leaders and activists delivered a petition with 1.4 million signatures to their taxes headquarters. the 49ers are waking up in the bay area. today the
6:48 am
niners have a team meeting at 9:00 a.m. and then will be available for interviews. " harbaugh is expected to speak more about the game at his 11:00 a.m. press conference. kron4 will be there and you watch it live on our twenty-four's seven news channel, comcast 193. >> the dow jones industrial average is up currently. >> after this terrible it is time to get serious again. we're going to start looking. government will start to cut spending and not just in the united states but around the world. wall street will start picking up the volatility until something gets an ounce. >> a huge deal over $20 billion. dell is now going private.
6:49 am
>> this is a very big deal, $24 billion. a lot of debt involved. there ponying up $700 million. microsoft is trying to keep alive the product that they sell. dell did not have a very good strategy for the cloud years ago or indeed tablet. they need to go private so they can't people and make boulders and moves. there clearly starting to get a little long in the tooth. >> they made $3 billion last year so there is still profitable. >> this is a i will say game changer but it is the tech
6:50 am
industry during up the white flag saying we need to be more service oriented and less hardware oriented. hardware doesn't have the margin that software and services have. >> we been waiting for the charges against the ratings company. there were guards securities that they gave a triple a credit rating to. other agencies were doing this and in the financial collapse happen. >> during the five-year collapse of wall street some problems ever be in pakistan with other mortgages called derivatives these companies have some of the highest margins in the history of wall street. looking back in history and saying these guys give credit ratings. when they give a credit rating to a government, some
6:51 am
people think the united states is retaliating against them. some people think they're the right of charges of one company right before they go into negotiations to cut spending which could hurt our credit rating again. there're a lot of conspiracy theories. you have the the department of justice is not playing politics. >> they are it civil charges not criminal and those are easy to prove. the higher credit rating may give something of the more money they take dan therrien >> what's worse about it is countries and individuals pay them to give them credit rating. it's like when i hire you if you don't say i look handsome, you are fired.
6:52 am
>> 6:50 a.m. and let's get a look at the weather. >> i wanted to get outside to our roof cam overlooking the san francisco skyline. a lot of clouds above but fortunately it is not dense fog like we woke up to yesterday. temperatures are only mild side due to cloud cover. 47 in richmond, low 50s oakland 20. by 7:00 a.m. all the cloud cover is still pretty widespread. the fog we encounter this morning will burn off in the afternoon but clouds will linger. temperatures will only climb in the mid to upper 50s. millipede is coming in at 59, 57¢ a clear campbell town but east bay
6:53 am
packer only reaching at and 55 novato, 55 napa. satellite are still alive cover we have right now. the week system is passing us by but not bringing in the rain to s. we could see some rain as early as thursday into friday. thunderstorms are also a possibility thursday night into friday morning. 7 day around the bay forecast shows wet weather ahead of us. temperatures start to climb and we are back into the sunshine. of robbery mild conditions transition into the weekend. stable weather as we start the next work week. 6:52 a.m. and here is traffic with george. >> stable weather and stable traffic. bay bridge toll
6:54 am
plaza 14 to 16 minutes. the nimitz freeway is hardly backed up at all. the commute to the san mateo bridge still and 11 minute easy drive. the golden gate bridge no delays 41 01 southbound. we continue to be hotspot 3, a little delayed for interstate 80 and that westbound direction and drive time 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. south bay freeways, slowing 1 01 northbound but that is just normal commute pattern. north bay, a little slowing around 37 on 1 01 southbound. drive times are still under 30 minutes from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> 652 and we will take a quick break here. the woman
6:55 am
accused of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring out of your apartment says she is ready to come clean to dr. phil. wilson name names? will find out on doctor for a right after the kron4 news at 10:00. a live look the san jose traffic moving on the 1 01. san jose 48 degrees warming up to the mid fifties later this afternoon. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition.
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>> 6568 m and candlestick park is set to be torn down once the 49ers vacated for santa clara. once home to the giants, the 49ers are using it in 1971 and will
6:59 am
leave after the next nfl season. under an agreement with the city, candlestick park's developer is required to demolish the stadium. the demolition will likely occur within a few weeks after the bulbar takes it over. after that the plan is to replace the stadium with retail space and possibly a new, smaller are rain up. >> the standards as the 49ers light of the bay area and we're ready to hear from them as they prepare for a final press cameras of the season. fill up your tank lately? gas prices are soaring. we will have a live report on pain at the pump. pain at the pump. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!

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